Friday, December 17, 2010

Never Work Harder Than Your Students

For our 2011 Book Club, we'll be reading and discussing Robyn R. Jackson's Never Work Harder Than Your Students.  You can pick up your copy at our first meeting.  If you'd like to get a head start on reading the book, or see if this is going to be your cup-o-tea, you can read the Table of Contents, the Intro, and a couple of chapters online for free at the ASCD web site.

How the Book Club Works:
We have 7 meetings scheduled & there are 8 chapters.  Generally we'll read one chapter before each meeting, making up the extras by the end of Spring Break.  At the meetings I'll furnish a summary of the chapter(s) and we'll discuss ways to apply info from the book directly to our classroom practice.  This is a professional growth activity, not assigned reading.  You will not be graded on anything - this is just a group of people coming together to learn from one another.  (You don't really have to actually do the reading, in fact!)  Just show up and participate in the discussions!

"How Much Will This Cost Me?"
Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.  The Big Goose-Egg.  Just a little time after school, in 1-hour chunks, about every-other Wednesday.  The books are furnished to you free-of-charge.  All we ask of you is your participation.

"What's In It For Me?"
First and foremost, this is your opportunity to learn from from both a nationally-recognized author AND share professional insights with your colleagues.  This is your chance to share your ideas and those of others, as well as start developing a professional network of resources and "Go-To" people who can help you out when you're in a bind (or hang out with when you find yourself with an elusive bit of free time, too!). 

You'll also receive CPDUs for each meeting attended as well as Committee Stipend Pay, just for being there.

"What if I can't attend?"
Kids come first, along with your personal sanity.  If you can make the time between all of your personal and professional obligations, please feel free to drop by.  If not, no worries: that's why we have this blog.  You can follow along vicariously or you can participate remotely by leaving comments.  However, I can only offer Committee Stipend pay & CPDUs if you actually show up to the meetings in-person.

"So Why Am I Not a Part of This Book Club?"
I don't know - that's a good question.  This is the proverbial "Win-Win," or "No-Lose" situation.  Why aren't you here?

Welcome to the New Teacher Learning Team Blog!

Thanks for visiting!  This blog is for the use of new teachers in Galesburg (IL) Community Unit School District #205 and Knox-Warren Special Education District.  We'll use this forum to share our experiences throughout the school year.  We'll also use this as a avenue for our book club discussions.
Keep in mind this is a public forum, open for the world to read.  It is not a place to complain about co-workers, administrators, mentors, etc.  I'll moderate all comments & posts, but please use this wisely & think before you post, please.