Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Book Club Begins!

Welcome Back! Our Spring New Teacher Learning Team meetings will be in Book Club format. This year’s book selection is:

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Early indications point to this work as the possible foundation for the State of Illinois’ new teacher evaluation process, which is still under development.  Regardless of whether or not the new system will end up looking like Danielson’s Framework, this book is sure to help you develop the skill of self-reflection and build confidence in your classroom practice, and may help dispel the dread that many associate with the evaluation process in general. 

Books are offered free-of-charge to any first- or second-year teacher (in District #205 or KWSED) who can attend one or more of our meetings. The focus is on discussing the principles and helping you reflect on & improve your classroom instruction & professional practices. While all are encouraged to participate, you are of course welcome to simply drop by and just listen to the discussion, too! As always, time will also be set aside for peer-to-peer problem-solving (and a little venting, as well).

Meetings will be held every-other Wednesday, from 3:45-4:45 pm, at the following times & locations:

Jan 18 – GHS Library: Distribute books & Overview of the text

Feb 01 – Board Room: Discuss Assumptions & 4 Domains (pgs. 1-42)

Feb 15 – Board Room: Discuss Domains 1 & 2 (pgs. 43-76)

Feb 29 – Board Room: Discuss Domains 3 & 4 (pgs. 77-108)

Mar 21 – GHS Library: Discuss Specialists, Using the Framework, & Appendices (selections from pgs. 109-end as appropriate)

Apr 11 – Board Room: Discuss Applications of templates, rubrics, etc., throughout the text

Apr 25 – GHS Library (Make-Up Date)

May 09 – Board Room or other location: Celebrations! 

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