Thursday, January 26, 2012


We started our January 18 meeting with a few questions and answers about Certification changes and the Reduction In Force ("RIF") process. Matt assured the group that RIFing is generally not anything to worry about as long as (1) District funding from the State of Illinois remains solid, (2) student numbers in your grade level remain the same, and (3) teacher performance and certification is up to par with your teaching assignment.  In other words, keep working to help your kids learn and grow, be open to improving your practice according to your principal's suggestions, and keep your certificate up-to-date, and the rest will sort itself out. Control what you can control, which is YOU, and try not to worry about the rest.

Matt demonstrated how to use the Educator Certification System (ECS) on the Illinois State Board of Education Web Site to record professional development. We also briefly discussed the process of moving from an Initial Certificate to a Standard Certificate.  Contact Matt if you ever have any questions about this.

Books were distributed at our first meeting. Matt took the group on a quick tour of the book, using the presentation embedded below.

At our next meeting we will look at the 4 Domains in a little more detail and examine the levels of performance.

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