Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Resources for New Teachers

Getting back into the swing of posting resources and meeting discussions for our District's New Teacher Learning Team. Sorry for the delay. Hope you find these resources helpful!

Discovery Channel's New Teacher Survival Central
Includes a "Survival Toolkit" containing links to lots of good advice & resources, a "Tech 101" portal to help you learn how to use popular gadgets in instruction, a "Homeroom Headquarters" section for help with parent communication & classroom management, and a section called "It's Elementary" that covers lots of basic everyday questions that teachers of all grade levels might have.

Scholastic Teacher's New Teacher Survival Guide
This site contains too many resources to list! Explore this site to find quick resources to support almost any grade level, subject area, or teacher's experience or comfort level. Check back often for updates, too!

The Best Advice for New Teachers, from Larry Ferlazzo
Larry Ferlazzo is a California ESL teacher, author, columnist, and blogger-extraordinaire. Among his many talents is curating a warehouse of educational resources & knowledge for teachers of all grade levels and subjects, often organized into several series of "The Best..." lists of links. This post describes and links to sources providing advice and assistance to new teachers. Definitely not to be missed!

Twenty Tidbits for New Teachers 
Just what it says, this article from Edutopia blogger Lisa Michelle Dabbs enumerates several techie-things that new teachers might consider as they begin their professional careers.

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