Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ch. 11: At the Edges of a Dream

This chapter challenges the reader to look at the "racial microaggressions" - unconscious or unintended forms of bias - that may or may not exist within many of our classrooms, and potentially within ourselves.

As I read this chapter - especially pages 88-90 - several questions arise in my mind:
Have you ever challenged yourself to look around the physical environment from the point of view of various students - those with different racial and/or socioeconomic backgrounds from your own - and thought about how they might feel when they walk into your classroom?
Does the make up of your classroom or class roster adequately reflect the diversity within your school in general, or the District as a whole? 
How do you recognize and/or celebrate diversity within your classroom?  Are your students comfortable with that? How do you know?
What other questions occur to you as you read this chapter?

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